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What are the top trends in web design today?


Do you remember the time it used to take to build a reliable website? Coding a website is difficult to grasp for those without formal training. However, today we have so many options to choose from to build a personal or professional website. The latest trends in design and development of websites is that anyone with an internet connection can create one. In a matter of minutes you can enter some information at Godaddy.com, wix.com, or Wordpress.com, and build an original website. There are monthly and yearly fees associated with these services but, they are usually less than $50 dollars a year. At this price anyone can afford it.


Chatbots have changed so much from the awkward greeting and blank stare; to helpful cyberspace buddies that give you information. They have become smarter and more efficient due to advancement in A.I. learning. Interacting with a chatbot is similar to talking to a customer representative.


Another trend among web designers is using natural shapes when designing webpages. This can give your site a realistic atmosphere. Using round structures and shapes helps give your site that human touch. Websites designed this way, have a calming effect with familiar structures, created to look accustom to those found in nature.


A classic trend making a comeback is a technique called minimalism. Minimalism simply means creating webpages with less elements in them. This allows the reader to focus on what they are looking for without distractions. This practice can also decrease loading time.


Micro-interactions can animate your website with moving elements designed to attract attention to a button or product on the page. Read on web design company brisbane for more informations.