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This Week's Podcast : Episode: 15, Professional Website Design Brisbane

Hi Everyone,

We have recorded a new podcast for our channel 'Web Design Brisbane'.

You can find the youtube video for this podcast embedded below.

Just to give you a little 'behind the scenes' information, I have posted below our show notes.

You will also find below some recent work from our portfolio, as well as directions to find us in Brisbane, Australia.

Of course, our goal is to share our knowledge of web design, web development and web marketing. We want to help you grow your business!

If you have any feedback, please let me know.

Cheers Saul Edmonds

Here is our notes for the podcast recording: Enjoy!


This Week's Podcast Show Notes:

Today's Introduction

Today's topic will be 'Professional Website Design'. We will talk about what you can expect when working with a professional website design company. 

Our goal is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who live in Brisbane - make the most of their online presence. 


Today's Contents

We'll talk about the benefits of professional website design, a guide to the professional website design process, plus an overview of the software professional web designers use.

Plus, we'll also offer you some tips, on how to find professional website designers if you live locally in Brisbane, Australia.


Let's Get Started!

What are the benefits of a professionally designed website?

·       Your website is viewed an extension of your brand

·       Crafted with your goals in mind

·       Rank better in searches

·       Expertise at your fingertips

Let's go onto talk about the web design process.
What can you expect when working with a professional here?

The goal is to create a custom tailored website - built to generate leads and grow your business.

·       The web design process begins with an initial meetup, so the web designer can get to know you, your business, your website project and your goals.

·       Next stage, is planning. Content is created, plus related visuals.

·       Next is the design phase. The web design moves from sketches to wireframes - and detailed web page mockups for your review.

·       One approved, you then move onto website development. Build it and they will come. Your website is coded and your design comes to life.

·       Final stage is launch. 

·       Don't forget ongoing web maintenance. This includes regular backups and any CMS updates - to ensure your website remains in perfect health.


Finally, what are some tips for finding a professional website designer and web design company brisbane that will take your business to the next level?

Well there you have it!
Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the podcast.

Saul Edmonds
Founder and Creative Director of Roundhouse, The Creative Agency.

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